Pilates Master Ladder Barrel

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The Pilates Ladder Barrel is unique. It offer both active and passive back extension exercises. Of course as with all the pilates equipment it is designed to allow many other exercises to be performed.

The Pilates Equipment barrels are excellent for developing back strength and promoting trunk extension which is crucial to developing good posture.

Pilates Barrels utilize gravity rather than springs for resistance.

  • Dimensions: 1220mm (L) x 660mm (W) x 960mm/880mm (H)Weight : 35kg
  • Frame – high quality European Beech wood base, pillar and ladder rungs, multi laminated wood side panels.
  • Grab bar provided beneath the barrel.
  • Sliding base – has 2 fastening points to securely lock in the barrel with the ladder it adjusts smoothly to vary the distance between the ladder and barrel to accommodate different torso and leg lengths.

The Pilates Supplies Australia – Ladder Barrel combines hardwood base and multi laminated wood side panels with European beech wood pillar and ladder rungs. High quality EVA foam padded upholstery allows for a comfortable but responsive stretching and strengthening surface for the Pilates Barrel exercises to be performed. The barrel connects to the ladder by an easily adjustable and securely double fastened sliding base that will accommodate different torso and leg lengths.

The Ladder Barrel is the largest of the Pilates equipment series of barrels that include the spine corrector or step barrel and the baby arc or arc barrel.

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 122 x 69 x 56 cm