Pilates Master PRO Foldable Reformer 02 PM-FOLD-02

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“Entry level to Intermediate users requiring more frequent usage and a wider/heavy duty reformer for the support of heavier builds than the PM-FOLD-01/03. Great for physios requiring light commercial use at an entry level price.”

Dimensions: L 233cm x W 65cm x Carriage Height 32cm
Weight: 60 kg
Features included: Deluxe Detachable Padded Jump-board, Five Springs, Pulley Rises, Wider Carriage 
Warranty: 3 Years on the Frame, 1 Year on Moving Parts, 120 Days on the Vinyl

Simply the best value pilates reformer in Australia. Made to our stringent design specifications the Pilates Master is exclusively engineered for Pilates World;  giving you studio quality features on a budget.  Pilates master uses 5 (the industry standard is 4) high-quality springs and 8-wheel “treaded roller” system with high-quality bearings and Alunimum rails for whisper quiet operation and the smoothest carriage glide. You’ll also find features included free that are normally reserved for top of the line models such as a jump board, non-slip platform, and foot bar.


  • The new PILATES MASTER 8-wheel “treaded roller” system with high-quality bearings and aluminium rails for whisper quiet operation and the smoothest carriage glide
  • Durable braided ropes with PILATES MASTER cleated rope-clamping system for easy access and adjustability
  • Adjustable high-density padded headrest (2 positions) for neck support
  • Removable high-density padded shoulder rests
  • Double-loop straps provide 3 different grip configurations (hand/foot/sandal) for a wider range of Pilates exercises
  • Wider than the PM-FOLD-03 high-density EVA foam Padded Carriage is soft but supportive
  • Adjustable reinforced stainless steel foot bar with non-slip padding
  • Beautiful hand-sanded beechwood frame


  1. Conveniently and Easily folds away for storage, transportation and convenience
  2. Five Deluxe Smooth Springs, 2x green (light resistance) 2x yellow (medium resistance) 1 x red (hard resistance) with removable standing platform
  3. Pulley Risers with swivel pulleys provide ergonomic angle of ropes
  4. Deluxe Detachable padded jump board

This model is taking the Australian market by storm as it is a real reformer with solid rollers shaped like F1 racing tyres and also 5 graded piano wire springs.It’s the closest thing to a real reformer except it folds up to half the length and is around 50% the price of a non-fold up reformer.

Additional information

Weight 49 kg
Dimensions 130 x 67 x 56 cm